ACE to conduct selective soldering workshop

February 16, 2016

ACE Production Technologies is pleased to announce that it will co-host a selective soldering workshop in Indianapolis in conjunction with DIVISYS International, LLC. The workshop will be held Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at DIVSYS International, 8110 Zionsville Road in Indianapolis, Indiana. This technical workshop will include a classroom process training session followed by a Q&A session and one-on-one discussion after the workshop is concluded.

Who Should Attend
• Process Engineers
• Manufacturing Engineers
• Production Technicians
• Quality Personnel

What They Will Learn
• How to improve your selective soldering effectiveness
• Programming tips and tricks
• How to reduce selective soldering defects
• Advanced process troubleshooting techniques
• How to reduce post-solder rework and increase yields

This classroom session focuses on the technical aspects of the selective soldering process and describes the process variables to enhance the flexibility, reliability and quality provided by all types of selective soldering equipment. Your questions about using a selective solder process, and differences in process parameters when working with tin-lead and lead-free solder alloys will be answered during this course. Topics Include:

• Fundamentals of through-hole soldering
• Solderability issues
• Lead-free and tin-lead solder alloys
• Flux deposition and flux activation
• No-clean processing
• Design guidelines
• Quality measurement
• Process troubleshooting guidelines
• Process optimization methods

This workshop entitled “Mastering Selective Soldering Processing and Manufacturability” features a combination of classroom curriculum and hands-on training that is designed to educate and enhance an attendee’s working knowledge of the overall selective soldering process. This workshop will be presented by well-known process expert Bob Klenke, Principal Consultant with ITM Consulting. He has more than 15 years of direct hands-on experience with selective soldering technology and is a frequent instructor for selective soldering, wave soldering and X-ray inspection workshops at APEX and SMTA International conferences.

This highly informative workshop is offered at no cost to all attendees courtesy of ACE Production Technologies and DIVSYS International and covers all aspects of the selective soldering process.

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