SIIX EMS orders four selective soldering machines

December 16, 2014

ACE announced that it has received an order for four KISS-101 selective soldering systems from SIIX EMS. The new KISS-101 selective soldering systems will be installed at the SIIX EMS manufacturing facility located in Samutprakan, Thailand and are among the first selective soldering machines SIIX EMS has ordered from ACE Production Technologies.

“The KISS-101 is a fully-configured selective soldering platform equipped with “Super Quick” motion for faster processing speeds and automatic fiducial correction as standard features,” said Alan Cable President of ACE Production Technologies. “The KISS-101 is capable of soldering printed circuit boards up to 12” x 12” (304mm x 304mm) and offers many of the same features as the KISS-101IL in-line selective soldering system but in a standalone platform.” Cable added’ “A wide range of various flux types can be applied by the KISS-101 with either an atomizing flux applicator for rapid application or a precision drop-jet applicator for no-clean processing. A considerable advantage of the ACE flux applicators is that they are unlike any others and feature rugged yet simple construction that outperforms all other applicators by handling a wide range of flux chemistries including low pH fluxes down to 2.0 as well as fluxes with solids content as high as 33%.”

SIIX EMS provides world-class electronic manufacturing services to OEMs and electronics companies on a global basis. With approximately 40 facilities in 13 different countries including operations throughout Asia, Mexico and the United States, a broad mix of industries are served. Services include high-mix and high-volume circuit board assembly, process design, prototyping, procurement, supply chain management, fulfillment and logistics.

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