ACE to exhibit lead tinning system

October 01, 2013

ACE Production Technologies will exhibit the newest generation of its LTS200 component lead tinning system at SMTA International 2013, scheduled to take place October 15-16, 2013 at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

The LTS200 is an automated machine specifically intended for the lead tinning process whereby through-hole component leads, or terminations, can be refurbished for requalification in high-reliability applications. The removal of gold plating, replacing of RoHS surface finish with tin-lead finish, refurbishing of legacy components, or tin whisker mitigation are the major reasons to hot solder dip component leads.

Standard features of the LTS200 include two dynamic nitrogen inerted solder pots – one solder pot is dedicated to removal of the original plating while the second solder pot is used to apply the final plating – a dynamic flat wave fluxing station, and a forced hot air preheat station. A pallet holder holds the components in a known position throughout the process and accepts a wide variety of component types including axial, radial, DIPs, SIPs, QFPs, LCCs and connectors up to 5” (127mm) long.

Under program control, a pallet of components moves to the fluxing station where component leads are immersed to a specific depth, followed by preheating of the component bodies. The first, or scavenging, solder pot completely removes the existing plating from the component leads. The pallet then returns to the fluxing station where the component leads are once again fluxed and then immersed to a controlled depth in the second solder pot where the final plating is applied with homogenous intermetallic layer.

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