Revolutionary real-time temperature data logger

November 19, 2013

ACE announces its new revolutionary temperature data logger embedded into the KISS selective soldering machines that provides significantly greater accuracy of thermal measurement and control for the selective soldering process.

The new ACE real-time temperature data logger allows placement of up to 6 thermocouples at critical locations on a board to obtain topside printed circuit board temperature readings which inputs this critical process information into the machine control software. The ACE temperature data logger automatically correlates the actual topside printed circuit board readings with the infrared pyrometer that controls the preheat system and can directly control the preheater system if so desired. Thermal data from all 7 channels – 6 printed circuit board thermocouples and the preheat control infrared pyrometer – can be plotted and imported into a spreadsheet or other database program for further analysis graphical examination.

This new data logging system eliminates the traditional method of instrumenting a printed circuit board, collecting multiple topside printed circuit board readings with a standalone 6-channel thermal profiler, and manually correlating topside temperature readings with machine settings. This traditional approach is extremely time consuming and is potentially prone to errors.

The ACE temperature data logging system is compatible with all advanced ACE selective soldering machines and is designed to refine the process development of the selective soldering process. The data obtained from the temperature data logger can be used to determine the optimal preheat profile and soldering method that will provide the best soldering results with the least chance of damage to thermally sensitive components.

[Official Press Release]