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The purpose of this document is to expedite the process, and to give us the critical information points you are most interested in. While the completed sample package will always contain the general observations and information, the following questions will give you a more helpful and personal sample experience. Please complete all required fields and once submitted, instructions will be provided to begin the process. *required fields

Company Informormation

Sample Details

Lead Alloy
Lead-free Alloy

Class 2
Class 3


Will not exceed 120 degrees Celsius

No-Clean - No post wash or cleaning of the board
Water Soluble - Yes, we are cleaning the board after soldering

We have fluxes that have been proven to work well with our equipment for both lead and lead-free no clean and water soluble in our lab. If no specific is listed, we will use what we feel will work best.

Hand Applied
Atomized Sprayer

Wave solder on pallets
Hand soldered

This cycle time should be conceived from real process actions that are currently in place. To clarify, if a PCB/Panel current soldering time is 2 minutes, however this requires 5 minutes of prep, for masking or fixturing, as well as 3 minutes to “clean” any prep material from the PCB, there is 10 minutes of labor involved to process this PCB/Panel. This becomes our target time to beat (we will strive to be 3-4 times faster).

per PCB/Panel (mm:ss)

Sample Information

H: x W:

pcb's per panel

*What would you like us to do with the sample once processed?
Yes, Please Return
No, Please Properly Dispose

*Photos allow us to better prepare for your sample

Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for Nordson SELECT Sample Process Lab


The following words shall be defined as set forth below:

1. “Sample” means the PCB that will undergo several tests using our selective soldering equipment. During this process, PCB's will be ran multiple time exposing the board to sometimes extreme temperatures, possibly causing damage to the PCB and/or components.

2. “Acceptance Criteria” means the Specifications, goals, performance measures, testing results and/or other criteria designated by the Agency and against which the Deliverables may be evaluated for purposes of Acceptance or Non-acceptance thereof.

3. “Acceptance Tests” or “Acceptance Testing” mean the tests, reviews and other activities that are performed by or on behalf of Agency to determine whether the Deliverables meet the Acceptance Criteria or otherwise satisfy the Agency, as determined by the Agency in its sole discretion.

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