Integra™ 103ILD

24" x 18" PCB In-Line Dual Pot

The Integra™ 103ILD is a “super high speed” in-line DUAL SOLDER POT Selective Soldering Machine with up to four separate solder nozzles usable within the same program. Simply stated…SPEED and PROCESS CONTROL…The Integra™ 103ILD effectively splits the soldering process allowing 50% of the sites to be soldered at the 1st station and the balance soldered at the 2nd station. This significantly increases productivity by reducing TAKT by up to 50% vs. incremental processing. The Integra™ 103ILD is two to three times faster versus conventional machines.

Lead Solder Pot-Pump Assy
Heated N²
Programming Camera
KISS Board Warp Compensation System
Solder Level Check
Wave Height Verification
Dual Monitors
Solder Alloy Verification
SWAK-OS Offline Programming
Spray Fluxer
Witness Camera
2ⁿᵈ Witness Camera
Closed Loop Rotary Encoders
Fiducial Correction System
Solder Nozzle Set
Installation and Training*
Topside Preheater
Precision Drop-Jet Fluxer
Dropjet Verification System
Wave Nozzle Pump
Dual Solder Nozzle Pumps
Solder Pot Service Cart
KISS Pump Maintenance Kit
Lead-free Alloy Solder Pot & Pump
HMP Alloy Solder Pot & Pump
6 Channel Data Logger
Bottom Side Pre-heat
Overall Dimensions: 108" x 57" x 54" (2743mm x 1450mm x 1372mm)
Weight of System: 1350 Lbs.
Power: 120VAC/1PH/60Hz 15amps
Preheater Power: 208/220-240VAC/1PH/60Hz 15amps
Air Requirements: Min. 90 PSI • Max. 100 PSI
N² Requirements: 99.999% Pure @ Min. 60 PSI Max. 100 PSI
N² Consumption: 30-60 CFH
Max Work Area: 24" x 18" (600mm x 450mm)
PCB Thickness: Not Limited with proper support
Rail Width Adjust: Programmable

Complete Datasheet: View/Download

Additional Equipment

N² Generators

ACE Production Technologies has partnered with Parker to produce the KNG Family of Nitrogen Generators to complement the KISS Selective Soldering systems. These generators are tailored to ACE’s specifications to provide adjustable purity and flow specific to your process. The generators work on the principle of compressed air passing through a series of molecular sieves. The nitrogen molecules are harvested while the O² and other gasses pass through. This process is completely automated requiring only compressed air.

The generators are turnkey requiring only 115VAC and compressed shop air. The controls are all solid state with a color touch screen interface. A digital oxygen meter (included) displays the PPM of oxygen so you can be assured of ab-solute purity.

The KNG generators are available in varying sizes to match the demands of single and multiple KISS machines. They provide continuous high quality nitrogen that is less expensive than cylinder service.

Load & Un-load Conveyors

Using conveyors to load and un-load PCB's dramatically speeds up processing.

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