Process Lab & Workshops

Sample Process Lab

We are proud of our formidable Process Laboratory at Nordson SELECT™. Our knowledgeable application engineering staff is ready and equipped to process your samples. Along with the Nordson SELECT™ soldering equipment we have X-ray inspection equipment installed for internal post-solder examination and a 40X power microscope for external inspection. This equipment allows us to provide images that may be used and included in your comprehensive lab report. This report will be provided along with a video of your sample as it was run on a Nordson SELECT™ selective soldering machine, so you can see exactly what was done. To start the process, simply print and fill out the sample request form and ship along with your samples, we will then contact you within 24 hours of receiving the samples.

Selective Soldering Workshops

Many users can often get more out of their machines but may not always know how to. As the equipment manufacturer, we realize this and have come up with a good way to communicate our expertise…initially to those new to the selective process and as a refresher/follow-up to existing users.
The answer is to hold workshops in our factory where the machines are built and tested, and where our process development engineers work and have process diagnostic equipment. We provide an introductory workshop for those new to the selective process and an advanced workshop for experienced users. The curriculum is based on real-world practices defining the proper understanding of component limitations, clearance restrictions, thermal requirements and solder joint reliability issues. Both 2-day workshop are divided between classroom and hands-on process applications, and provide a complete overview and in-depth knowledge of the selective soldering process.

Introductory Selective Soldering Workshops

Next Introductory Workshop to be held on November 7- 8, 2017

The curriculum ranges from hands-on maintenance and problem solving to process optimization. We practice techniques to mitigate bridging, solder balls and other defects, as well as machine programming to achieve the fastest throughput.

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Advanced Selective Soldering Workshops

Next Advanced Workshop to be held on October 17-18, 2017

The focus is on advanced understanding of PCB construction (e.g. copper layers, barrel plating and porosity, etc.) and the effects upon the soldering process. We cover lead-free solders and compatible flux chemistries, assuring a no-clean process and address unique customer problems.

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Workshop Attendee Testimonials

Esterline Interface Technologies in Coeur d’Alene, ID
“The workshop was very well organized with a great combination of hands on exercises and lecture. We found it to be well informative with Stan teaching about the effects that a pcb can have on selective. There was a lot of great information to bring back to our plant and use the knowledge that came from that work shop. I would recommend to all companies that have selective machines send their engineers and process personnel that support them to this class. The class has a lot of great tips, that a process tech who has been around the KISS selective machines for 8 years, can use going forward in the selective process.”

Josh Biel, Production Manager at Tabtronics, Inc. in Dayton, Ohio
“I learned a lot more than what I expected to. They covered a number of areas that I didn’t know well, or had forgotten about over the years. I had a number of questions for them and happily received a comprehensive answer for each one. Being at the factory was one of my favorite aspects of the workshop. I could visit whatever department I wanted to, and pick their brains for information and answers. I asked several questions of various people in different departments; they all either had the answer already, or found it for me. Since the workshop, I am able to operate our machine more efficiently and effectively than ever before.”

Aurora Multimedia
“I want to thank all of ACE Production Technologies® for your instruction, peer to peer discussions and most importantly your hospitality. The time and effort put into your products was reflected in each of the members I met on this past trip, magnanimously. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to meet with each of you and see just what goes into each of your selective solder machines, and the culture of your business. Thank you again for your time knowledge and hospitality, it will not be forgotten.”

Pennatronics Corp.
“Your efforts and hard work were greatly appreciated by us. You guys were great teachers, hosts and just great people. I learned a tremendous amount of information on the Selective Solder process at this work shop that I know will help tremendously as I start into the Selective Soldering at our company. Again thanks for the great knowledge and great hospitality.”

Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing, Inc.
“I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome time during the training. Tell Alan that he is a gracious host and I look forward to dealing with ACE in the future.”