Customers boast about SWAK-OS

August 05, 2014

ACE Production Technologies is pleased to announce that feedback from numerous customer installations confirms that its new SWAK-OS operating system is the easiest to use software on the market today. “Our customers have gained significant benefit from new installations and field retrofits of the SWAK-OS including faster overall machine operation, Windows 7 direct software updates and our automated fiducial correction system,” said Alan Cable President of ACE Production Technologies. “The ACE automated fiducial location and correction system comes standard with the SWAK-OS and features single click fiducial teach capability, seamless fiducial recognition and true automatic alignment of the printed circuit board.” The new SWAK-OS machine operating software is a revolutionary graphics-based programming and editing machine control system that graphically monitors programs throughout the selective soldering process. It features fast program loading and program recall with minimal operator interface via ACE proprietary software with simplified process and motion control functions. An additional benefit is the integrated board scanning function that automatically captures and saves the board image to the program. All machine functions can be accessed by means of a single screen graphical user interface for both machine operation and programming. The SWAK-OS machine operating software is fully network compatible providing complete backup capability for program or project storage as well as continuous streaming of all video feeds simultaneously. The SWAK-OS machine operating software also features an automatic solder pot detection system for the recognition of tin-lead, lead-free, or high melting point solder alloys as well as dual solder pump machine

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